Monday, September 7, 2009

Blessing (and Golf)

Well, Stockton's blessing was yesterday.  Mom did such a wonderful job getting him ready and planning the wonderful breakfast afterwards.  Stockton did a great job at falling asleep right before the blessing so dad didn't have to worry about him crying.  It was actually a interesting sacrament meeting.  We had FOUR baby blessings.  I knew there were going to be one or two others but I had no idea that there were going to be four.  All in all, everything went great.  

These images above have had us laughing with tears all day long.  Stockton is finally starting to get big enough to wear some of the clothes he has and we decided to put him in the Payne Stewart (Payne Stewart was a golfer for those of you out there scratching your heads) outfit today.  He looked hilariously (is that a word?) cute.  We had a blast showing him off today.  Every time the hat went on we started to laugh because he looked so freakin cute!  We love him and enjoy every day (and every night now) with him.