Thursday, August 27, 2009


So Stockton decided yesterday that he was going to hold the bottle himself as you can see from the picture above. I know, it was probably just a fluke but I am proud nonetheless. He actually grabs the bottle all the time with both hands. He just isn't quite strong enough to hold it up. He keeps getting stronger all the time. He isn't allowed to sleep with mom and dad as he snores like his mother (Love you Sar).

Monday, August 17, 2009


Heidi took more incredible pictures of our baby.  I would post more but it's taking forever!

Its only been three weeks and we are finally blogging again.  We feel pretty good about ourselves.  Stockton is doing great.  He wakes up every 3-4 hours during the night to be fed (dad wakes up at midnight and six) and eats like a champ (except for the boob, we'll get to that later).  We have been blessed with a couple nights where he has gone 5-6 hours straight without waking up.  Those are the blissful nights where Stockton starts to cry, Sarah turns to me and says it's time to feed him, I look at the clock, it reads 4:00 am, and I tell Sarah that my turn to feed has joyfully passed.  For all those soon to be fathers out there, take the midnight feeding, so far it's been the first one going away.  For all those fathers lucky enough to have a kid that latches to the boob, enjoy your sleep.  Actually, getting up with Stockton is a treat and I do enjoy it.  He's wide awake after every feeding and I love nothing more than staring at him after he's been fed.  He's like any other man after being fed and with a full diaper, content without a trouble in the world.  As for the boob, Stockton has decided that he doesn't necessarily enjoy the work that goes into eating that way so he his being fed via the bottle.  We hope this is the update that everyone was looking for.  We hope to have an announcement out soon (we sort of like to procrastinate).  Let us know what we can do to blog better.