Monday, February 8, 2010


Stockton had his first international trip last week traveling to the Bahamas with the whole fam damily. We went to Atlantis in Nassau and had an absolute blast. Thanks for the fun Big G. Below are some pics of Stockton playing in the water, sleeping by the pool, getting some sun and all the other fun things you do in the Bahamas. He did great on the plane ride and loved splashing around in the pools.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stockton's First Christmas

Stockton celebrated his first Christmas this past month and it was a blast. Not that he understood what was going on, but we sure had fun spoiling him (as did his three sets of grandparents). Stockton did get the chance to play baby Jesus (see pic below of giant baby Jesus being held by Mary. Or is he holding Mary? We couldn't really tell) in our family christmas pageant the Sunday before Christmas. Anyway, Christmas was a blast. Not much else has happened in our lives since then. Stockton has learned how to turn the mobile on in his crib as of last week. Sarah and I were laughing in bed this morning watching him on the video monitor try to get it turned on. He sure is a cute little thing and we can't believe he's ours. Here are lots of pics to keep you updated.

Stockton being himself

Stockton with his Grandma Payne on Christmas day

Stockton unwrapping his first Christmas gift

I caught Stockton off guard with this shot and it's one of my favorites now

Baby Jesus (Stockton) holding Mary (cousin Averi)