Sunday, July 26, 2009


In the words of Uncle Jared this is, "Stockton to Malone"

Sarah rocked on the day of delivery. 

I am starting to get the hang of this whole picture adding thing.

So Sarah and I are horrible bloggers.  We really are trying to become better.  Jeff told us the other day that he didn't like our polka dots.  Apparently we need to figure out how to format these things.  I just write in this little box and attach pictures. Isn't that enough?  Anyway, I can't begin to tell you how much we love this kid.  Every time I look at him (except for between the hours of 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM) I can't help but smile.  Sarah and I are amazed everyday that he is ours and that we are finally parents.  Thank you all for your kind comments (especially about the hair).  Speaking of the hair, I do have a funny story to tell.  Before we had Stockton, Sarah looked at a baby picture of mine and told me that I looked like a "troll baby."  Apparently she thought I had too much hair.  Well, when the ultrasound tech told us at 20 weeks that she could see the baby's hairline, I think mom started to prepare herself.  Now that Stockton is here with a full head of hair, she thinks he is the most beautiful baby ever (every mom does) and has stopped using the phrase "troll baby."  Anyway, I love the hair and Sarah does too.  We hope you like the pics.  Heidi just took more that we are going to post as soon as we get them.  If you'd like to look at one of my favorites, you can go to her website at  It's a picture of Stockton hanging from a tree branch and he just happened to pull a face right when she took it.   

Sunday, July 19, 2009


These are the pictures that Heidi was kind enough to take for us.  They look absolutely incredible.  We are way excited to take more this week.  Based on the heading you may know that the official name has been picked, "Stockton Tyler Howland." He continues to amaze us and we are so grateful that he is a part of our lives.  We look forward to the upcoming days and weeks.  We will keep you all updated.  Thank you for your comments and support.

Second Update

Everyone is requesting more pics so here they are.  Mom and baby are doing great.  We can't get enough of him.  We are leaning towards Stockton Tyler Howland as the name.  I have some naysayers who want us to call him Ty, but we'll see.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well, the big day finally arrived.  After all of the false hopes and mistaken labor pains, the baby has finally arrived!  Sarah and I went home last night assuming that we would be going all the way to the induction date.  Well, not we, but her.  She, after all, was the one going through all the pains of her 39th week of pregnancy.  Right after we got in bed and in the middle of watching the Tour de France, Sarah turned to me and said that she thought her water was breaking.  I assumed that it was just more leaking, but sure enough, even after I got a towel, the leaking kept coming.  Of course, before we left for the hospital, she insisted on taking a shower, doing her hair, putting on some light make-up, etc., etc., etc.  I was panicking as most first time fathers probably do and telling Sarah that we needed to get to the hospital stat!  We finally arrived and my poor wife was still draining her system as we checked in at the nurses station.  They got us situated around 11:00 PM, her contractions started an hour or two later, epidural by 4:00 AM, fully dilated by 10:00 and here came the baby at 11:07 AM.  All I can say is that I am so amazed at what Sarah (and all other women for that matter) just did today.  It was absolutely incredible and I am so proud of her.  The birthing process truly is an amazing miracle.  Attached are some pics of the baby.  If you want the full details of the night at the hospital, give us a call (yes I left some out.  Sarah was a trooper through a whole night of fun!).  I love you Sar!